Bruno Schulz:

The primeval word was a shimmering aura circling around the sense of the world, was a great universal whole. The word in its common usage today is only a fragment, remnant of some former all-embracing, integral mythology. That is why it pos­sesses a tendency to grow back, to re-generate and complete itself in full meaning. The life of the word consists in tensing and stretching itself toward a thousand connections, like the cut-up snake in the legend whose pieces search for each other in the dark . . . . Poetry happens when short circuits of sense occur between words, a sudden regeneration of the primeval myths.

Bruno Schulz, ‘The Mythologizing of Reality’, trans. Mikolaj Dutsch and Josef Hahn, The Picture Chamber of Bruno Schulz – The Final Work of a Genius – Mobile Installation by Benjamin Geissler, ed. Benjamin Geissler, Hamburg: Benjamin Geissler, 2012, p. 24.